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Before you book an appointment, you will, of course, want to know how much a session will cost – and possibly how long it will last for.

For a full 50 minute session (suitable for anyone over the age of 14), the cost is £40 per session.

For a 30 minute session (suitable for children/young people aged 8-14), the cost is £30 per session.

If you are enquiring for a child and you are unsure of which length session to book, please do not hesitate to contact me.

To book an appointment simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our system to book online. 

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  • “I didn’t think I needed a counsellor and only went because my wife insisted. However, during our sessions, I began to see things differently and my  own self-confidence increased and my stress reduced. I thought there would be shame in needing to see a counsellor but I have learnt there is no shame in it, sometimes we just need someone who doesn’t know us who will listen!”

  • “We went to see Colette due to some problems in our marriage. We had a combination of sessions together and individual sessions, we only needed 6 sessions in the end. Colette taught us how to communicate more effectively with each other and to trust to each other.”

  • “Colette was recommended to me by a friend, I went to see her because I was suffering with high anxiety levels. I cried a lot in our sessions but we also laughed a lot, I didn’t feel judged by Colette. I’m now more confident and positive about life. I am now working full time – something I thought would never happen. My anxiety no longer controls me – I control it.”

  • “I went to see Colette because I was suffering from depression and was feeling suicidal. I was often tearful during sessions with Colette but felt I could talk openly about my depression and over a period of time, began to reframe my thoughts to become more positive. I still feel low from time to time but feel I now have the tools to manage this better.”

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