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Providing you with a safe space to share the challenges you face, helping you return your house into your home.

I specialise in working with parents who have struggling with the challenges parenting can bring. My experience tells me that when parents are finding parenting challenging they are left with a sense of isolation. Parents tell me they have felt alone, fearful (for both themselves and their child) and frequently, not believed.

Home turns into a place that is not a happy place to be. You get invited to meetings with a range of professionals who get to make decisions about you and your child. This in turn increases a parent’s anxiety and stress levels leading to a lack in confidence and ability.

I have extensive experience in working with parents and a good understanding of the various professionals who may be involved with your family. Working together, I can provide you with a space to share your worries in a safe environment; I will give you the opportunity to discuss your options and if required, provide strategies.

As a parent, you will begin to feel stronger, feel more able to cope with home life – and those challenges you face will seem more manageable. Whilst many of the professionals involved are there for your child, I am there for you.

Parental Counselling
  • “I didn’t think I needed a counsellor and only went because my wife insisted. However, during our sessions, I began to see things differently and my  own self-confidence increased and my stress reduced. I thought there would be shame in needing to see a counsellor but I have learnt there is no shame in it, sometimes we just need someone who doesn’t know us who will listen!”

  • “We went to see Colette due to some problems in our marriage. We had a combination of sessions together and individual sessions, we only needed 6 sessions in the end. Colette taught us how to communicate more effectively with each other and to trust to each other.”

  • “Colette was recommended to me by a friend, I went to see her because I was suffering with high anxiety levels. I cried a lot in our sessions but we also laughed a lot, I didn’t feel judged by Colette. I’m now more confident and positive about life. I am now working full time – something I thought would never happen. My anxiety no longer controls me – I control it.”

  • “I went to see Colette because I was suffering from depression and was feeling suicidal. I was often tearful during sessions with Colette but felt I could talk openly about my depression and over a period of time, began to reframe my thoughts to become more positive. I still feel low from time to time but feel I now have the tools to manage this better.”

Parental Counselling