Small Steps Counselling Service Counselling For Anxiety

Let me begin by telling you a story – some time ago, a newly married lady suddenly found herself trapped with a head that wouldn’t listen to reason. In spite of her 20+ years, she felt like a lost 5 year old girl most of the time and needed a lot of reassurance.

Over a period of 4 months, she displayed behaviours without thought for anyone else – selfishness, paranoia, making demands, refusing to do simple everyday tasks and often thinking very irrationally – although the real her shone through occasionally, mostly when she felt very safe.

It took 5 months of hard work to make the change she wanted to. The lady was of course me – I had an illness …. and the illness was anxiety.

So, what is anxiety?  Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling that we all experience at times.  Other words to describe it might be uptight, irritable, nervous, tense, or wound up.  

Some common feelings associated with anxiety are feeling on edge, nervous, panicky, stressed, irritable and uptight.

Some common physical symptoms associated with anxiety might be  having a tense body or muscular pain, feeling dizzy or faint, having a tight chest, stomach churning over, a sensation of joints trembling or tingling, heart my be racing or you may be having palpitations, your breathing may be faster or slower and you may find that you are struggling to concentrate.

And finally, some common behaviour patterns associated with anxiety are avoiding things, snapping at people, struggling to relax  and getting easily flustered

Sound familiar?  Contact Colette at Small Steps Counselling Society to see if she can help start to make the change to a life where you control anxiety rather than it controlling you.

Anxiety Counselling
  • “I didn’t think I needed a counsellor and only went because my wife insisted. However, during our sessions, I began to see things differently and my  own self-confidence increased and my stress reduced. I thought there would be shame in needing to see a counsellor but I have learnt there is no shame in it, sometimes we just need someone who doesn’t know us who will listen!”

  • “We went to see Colette due to some problems in our marriage. We had a combination of sessions together and individual sessions, we only needed 6 sessions in the end. Colette taught us how to communicate more effectively with each other and to trust to each other.”

  • “Colette was recommended to me by a friend, I went to see her because I was suffering with high anxiety levels. I cried a lot in our sessions but we also laughed a lot, I didn’t feel judged by Colette. I’m now more confident and positive about life. I am now working full time – something I thought would never happen. My anxiety no longer controls me – I control it.”

  • “I went to see Colette because I was suffering from depression and was feeling suicidal. I was often tearful during sessions with Colette but felt I could talk openly about my depression and over a period of time, began to reframe my thoughts to become more positive. I still feel low from time to time but feel I now have the tools to manage this better.”

Anxiety Counselling